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For any player who is looking to take their game to the next level, beach volleyball is by far one of the best ways to do so. I truly believe that by exposure to beach at a young age is what helped me achieve success on the indoor court and become a better all around athlete. An increased vertical, better endurance and agility, as well as overall court awareness are just a few of the benefits the sport offers. One of the biggest improvements I have experience is within my mental game, which is crucial for every athlete.I had the pleasure of working with Mischa during my senior year at UBC when our team won the CIS National Championships. The technical knowledge and passion that he has for the sport is incredible, and was a vital component to our success that season. I wish that Sideout Beach was around when I was an athlete in BC because there are truly no other programs that offer such a comprehensive environment for athletes to excel in. I look forward to seeing what rising stars emerge in the future!

Jamie Broder, Team Canada Beach Volleyball 2010-2012

Kyra coached me in 2009 during the Canada Summer Games – Throughout my beach career I always found the intricacies and knowledge I picked up on the beach had a direct impact on the level of play I brought to the hard court. Over time, I began to realize how much easier it was to perform certain skills indoors, such as attacking. The shift from having to perform all skills on the beach to the skills I had to perform regularly as an indoor right side player made the indoor game so much simpler to me. Following my first two serious seasons on the beach I made significant strides indoors in the CCAA, ending my career as an All-Canadian and my University’s Male Athlete of the Year.

It was after the 2009 Canada Games, working with Kyra, that I realized beach was my new found passion and a career I wanted to pursue. Looking back, always claiming I was more of an indoor player rather than beach player – it seems it was only a matter of time till I started admitting my love for the beach game.

Thanks Kyra, and good luck to all your future athletes.

Maverick Hatch, Team Canada Beach Volleyball, 2012 National Champion


As a player and coach for Sideout Beach Volleyball Club it is easy for me to be biased about thinking that we have the best club. However when you look at what Sideout Beach offers it is second to none. National team level coaching, coaches with international playing and coaching experience, training programs specific for every athlete, but above all else a family devoted to providing whatever the athletes need in order to accomplish their goals. Sideout is the best beach club, bar none, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

Nick Del Bianco, Sideout Beach Athlete and Coach, Team Canada Beach Volleyball 2008-2012


I started playing beach volleyball back in 2006… Every summer I would play beach volleyball tournaments locally and I would travel to Toronto for Nationals with Team BC. Back then, there were no beach volleyball clubs around that offered training throughout the year in a high performance environment. In 2009 Sideout Beach Volleyball Club was created by two of my coaches Kyra Iannone and Mischa Harris who I now consider family. Being a part of Sideout Beach Volleyball Club has not only made me the player and coach I am today… but more importantly it has made me the type of person I am today by instilling a professional approach to beach volleyball and fostering kindness and warmth. To say Mischa and Kyra and Sideout Beach have made me the player I am today doesnt seem to do it justice. Sideout Beach has become a part of who I am. Thank you, Sideout for being a part of my life. 

Benjamin Chow Sideout Beach 2009- 2012 Team Canada Beach Volleyball 2008-2012


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