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6 Pack Indoor Beach

6 Pack Beach is the Lower Mainland’s first indoor beach volleyball facility. We host a variety of programs for both adult and youth including birthday parties, team wrap-up parties, and corporate events. We are proud to be the official winter training centre for Sideout’s beach volleyball programs.

Organic Lives

OrganicLives™ is an organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting organic, sustainable, fairly traded food that is good for the body and good for the planet. Our vision is to reconnect us back to the food we eat and help us understand how it impacts our health, how it impacts our planet’s health, and how it is connected to poverty, hunger, global warming, deforestation, water contamination and many other social issues we are faced with today.

Ethical Profiling

The purpose of Ethical Profiling is to help companies make a bigger impact with a smaller footprint.Ethical profiling Ltd. is a design and production company that works directly with domestic and international manufacturers to ensure social and environmental compliancy and to create ways to minimize environmental impact through innovative product design and production methods.

VolleyBall Stuff

“Canada’s Volleyball Store” and Vancouver’s best source for everything volleyball. Proud sponsors of Sideout Beach Volleyball

Carl Nienhuis, Mental Performance

Carl Nienhuis is a Mental Performance Specialist, and has worked with performers from all ages and sport and non-sport backgrounds, from helping youth develop positive living skills, to helping national team athletes perform consistently on the world stage. In all situations, the goal is the same: Carl strives to help each individual develop an ability to manage their own specific needs, draw on personal strengths, seek solutions and find meaning and perspective on their own personal pursuits of purpose and passion.

Fit To Train

Fit to Train Human Performance Systems Inc. is a Vancouver-based consulting company that empowers its clients to live active, healthier lives by providing educational, physiotherapy and sport conditioning services including:


  • Exercise Science, Rehabilitation and Pre-habilitation lectures and workshops
  • Clinical Therapy including: manual therapy, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, visceral manipulations, intramuscular stimulation, ASTYM ™ )
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Functional Movement Screening™
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessments™

Sideout Athlete Development

Sideout Athlete Development offers Vancouver’s most comprehensive physical development for volleyball players. Boasting a highly experienced and educated staff with decades of volleyball experience as players, coaches, researchers, and strength and conditioning specialists, Sideout Athlete Development is the best resource for creating high flying, hard hitting, agile and durable volleyball players. Partnered with the world-class Richmond Olympic Oval High Performance Training Centre, athletes are given the opportunity to train with Canada’s current and future Olympians.


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